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 Post subject: i can't get the full wifi speed from Smart RG516ac router
 Unread post Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:17 pm 

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Hello everyone :)
i've been with Acanac since 2014, so far so good without any problem in the service :).
Last week i decided to upgrade the speed from DSL 15 to Fiber 50 download 10 upload.
I got their VDSL modem Smart RG516ac 516ac and i have 4 devices in my home: 1 laptop (wifi n), 1 samsung tablet (wifi n), and two motorola mobiles (e5 play and e4) both of them support wifi n. thogh the e5 model has dual band in its wifi specifications.

For the ethernet cable connection:
After running some tests on the laptop, i got different speeds from different sites.
for test i got download speed between (40-47) depending on the time of the day.
Upload between: 2.5 - 4.2
Latency: 26 - 70 ms

My problem is that i can't get the full speed on my other devices through wireless connection. i know that n wifi support more than 50 Mgbits speed but i get only 25 max.
I tried the 5 Ghz network alone. My laptop wasn't able to detect the network, for the other devices there was a small increase in the speed though but no more than 40 Mgbits even when i place the device in front of the router !

Any suggestion to solve this?
as for the wireless connection i don't feel any big difference between my old and new speed.

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 Post subject: Re: i can't get the full wifi speed from Smart RG516ac route
 Unread post Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:49 am 

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I had never heard of before - I ran a local test wit them and compared it with my standard ''. Very different results on my 60/10 cable connection:
speed: 51M down, 190k up
latency: 14 ms unloaded, 28 ms loaded
speed: 66M down, 9M up
latency: 29 ms

Guess which one I believe? Note, however that these are end-to-end tests and that the speed your subscribe to is a maximum that only defines the last mile between your home and the carrier's gateway.

Also, note that your ISP has no control over anything that goes on outside of their network, so you could have issues between Acanac and your home compliments of Bell or you could have issues between Acanac and the external site due to anything from contention to hardware out in the cloud.

Try disabling Wifi on the router, ensure you ae nothing hogging bandwidth on whatever device you are using for your test and re-run the test with several sites

Can't comment on your laptop, though unless it supports 'A' band or 'AC' you aren't going to see the 5 GHz beacon. Also, while I am not familiar with the router you got, always bear in mind that WiFi performance is hugely impacted by environment. Until I installed my Linksys Velop I never saw the promised speeds, even from AC routers.

For your portable hardware, take is to a friend's home where they perhaps have gigabit Internet and see what you can get out of an idealized environment. You may well discover that those devices simply can't process data at a higher rate, possibly even by design, to save battery power. Some devices may have 'battery saver' settings that impact on throughput as well.

If you DO see full 50 Megabit performance you ca always try other routers - that's what I did.

Be aware that subjectively, there isn't all that much difference between 15 megs and 50. It has no impact on the response time of web sites, for example. Where you will see the gains will be in streaming, which will be smoother, with fewer if any breaks - and if you are into gaming, note that the big impediment is ping time, though a lot also depends on the bandwidth available from the serving site and along the return route.

Good luck

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